Masters in digital design.

Meet our team. A group like minded experts with one and the same goal: creating positive digital experiences for people. We achieve this by combining our passion and expertise with our communication skills and in addition working closely with our clients and colleagues. 

Focus and expertise

It's all about people.

Monkeyshot is a team with a shared passion and expertise. Everything we do is focused on what people experience digitally, and how we can make that experience as positive as possible. Accessibility is an extra stimulant to achieve our goal. Our team consists out of a mix of experienced and young employees. Allowing us to be constantly in touch with the ever changing digital landscape and are able to build upon the years of experience and knowledge. 

Like minded people

Together works.

Together we can achieve more than being alone. This means: discussing, share as much knowledge as possible and doing something interesting or fun from time to time. Our clients know us as passionate positive people who are open and correct while communicating.

Our homebase

House of Innovation.

Monkeyshot colleagues work from home or at location of a client. But we are also in our element while working in our own offices: House of Innovation.

In this old storage house in Antwerp we enjoy a healthy crossover with other digital and creative companies located in the same space. A cozy lunch, a ping-pong session to increase our energy levels, or a quick brainstorm session in the living area. It's all possible. Because of the central location it's the ideal base for our team activities. 

This makes us happy.

Creating a world made for people.


We research

Together we search for the right digital solution for a problem or a challenge.


We design

A qualitative result of a digital application, website or mobile application. 


We test

Using qualitative and quantitative research we make the impact of digital products insightful.

Are you stopping by?

Monkeyshot takes residence in a beautiful 19th-century tea and tobacco warehouse called House of Innovation. It is located in a rapidly developing neighbourhood of Antwerp, one of the design capitals of the world. We are within walking distance of the city centre and you can easily reach us by car, bike or public transport.

Monkeyshot is an registered service provider for the SME e-wallet with registration number DV.A249515



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