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At Monkeyshot we work together with our clients to invent, design and test digital products that work. Our team possesses years of experience in user research, business strategy and design. In our projects this expertise translates into advise that your company can seamlessly make use of to create real user-centric, digital products.

How can we help?

We provide advice related to business strategy, digitalization and innovation for your SME.  Our experts in user centred design and digital products will ensure that your company can deliver a user friendly solution.

The services that fall under the following categories are eligible for subsidy under the SME e-wallet. As such you can enjoy our expert advice with financial support.



  • Research and development; Advice about creating a research strategy and protocol, and the development of your digital products.
  • Process innovation; Advice to optimize your internal processes and increase user friendliness.
  • Product development; Advice about your product focussed on user-centred design and product strategy.
  • Technology exploration; Advice and support to choose innovative technologies to improve your products and services.



  • Software; Advice about software to align your products, services and processes with your potential users.


Business strategy

  • SWOT analysis; an analysis of your potential market position and your internal organisation. So we can create together a strategic course for your company.
  • Business plan; A qualitative and quantitative representation of your company that provides a clear future vision to communicate with stakeholders. 

For who and what?

The SME e-wallet is destined to help SME's and practising liberal professions get advice and training by subsidising these services.

Small companies are eligible to receive 30% support, a medium-sized company is able to receive 20% support. The maximum amount of support is € 7.500 yearly.

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Feel free to plan a meeting to discuss the different possibilities. 

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Monkeyshot takes residence in a beautiful 19th-century tea and tobacco warehouse called House of Innovation. It is located in a rapidly developing neighbourhood of Antwerp, one of the design capitals of the world. We are within walking distance of the city centre and you can easily reach us by car, bike or public transport.

Monkeyshot is an registered service provider for the SME e-wallet with registration number DV.A249515



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